Fellowship at WAGro

Fellowship & Diplomate

Implantology & Perioral Aesthetics with Autologous Growth Factors

Live clinical fellowship course that enables the dental practitioner to obtain certifiable clinical training on Growth Factors, Implant Surgery and Perioral Aesthetics treatments.

Come join a unique live clinical training program on patients:

Complicated implant cases – live scenario confrontation – Innovative regenerative techniques approach.                                                     

  • 1 year clinical and theoretical course.
  • 3 Languages: English, Italiano, Ελληνικά.
  • 8 modules of 2 or 3 day each. Modules can take place in different countries:
  • Master Director: Prof. F. Inchingolo
  • Clinical modules Director: Prof. Ioannis P. Georgakopoulos
  • All participants will receive for free

an Atlanta on Growth Factors in Implantology

and special offers from the sponsors companies

  • No more complicated surgery
  • GBR with Growth Factors techniques
  • Biological enhancers including PPP, PRP, A & i PRF, CGF, LPCGF
  • Sinus grafting techniques: classic lateral window and crestal approach
  • Innovative IPG DET with CCF & A&I PRF
  • Piezoelectric bone surgery
  • Laser in Implantology
  • Hands-on approach to implant surgery and to immediate load implant-prosthesis
  • 3rd generation implant-prosthesis
  • Oral and Face Aesthetic with Autologous Growth Factors, all the innovative concepts


Clinical Program:


The program offers a curriculum of didactic components and clinical experiences in the following disciplines: Introduction, Diagnosis, Planning of Implantation, Implant Surgery, Implant-Prosthesis, GBR, Innovative Sinus approach, Autologous Mesotherapy, Autologous Filler and other autologous treatments of perioral aesthetics.

Focus on: Classical, Advanced & Very Challenging Implant Cases, Membrane Handling, Bone Replacement Materials, Internal Sinus Lift, Bone Grafting & Guided Implantology.

Participants in the clinical program will treat complex patient cases and will apply very advanced implantation techniques such as IPG under close guidance of a world-renowned, diverse and experienced faculty.

Attractive Certificates after Successful Completion

Perioral Aesthetics Program: Important Communication

WAGRO Educates Dentist in agreement with their DDS degree and standards of dental care


Required Documents:


– *Copy of High School Diploma with analytic credits

– *Copy of DDS/DMD Diploma with analytic credits

– *Only for University of Bari Master/Translated in Italian and evaluated by the Italian Consolate (Diciarazione di valore)

–   Copy of Dental License

–   Curriculum Vitae with description of practical skills and post graduate education.

–  Medical Results (physician note or lab results showing screening for Hep B, C and HIV)

–  Copy of Passport (must be valid for another 6 months from departure date)

–  Recent Photo

–  Interview


Further Information:


A valid 6 months passport and visa are required.


Participants are required to provide their own operating clothing (i.e., scrubs).

Digital photography is useful and participants are encouraged to take photographs for use in future case studies and discussions.


Please view the website of the Foreign Office for information regarding the country.


The wellbeing of our patients is a priority and all patients are treated according to highest medical standards. Each patient is prepared prior to implantation by a local team of doctors. Follow-up care after treatment is provided by the local clinics or, if requested by the patient, by other dentists. The implantation is free of charge for the patient as is the prosthetic treatment in the local clinic


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