WAGroFSCD was founded in 2015 in Greece as a nonprofit organization aiming to raise awareness on medical procedures based on the use of growth factors and stem cells, especially in the fields of Advanced Dentistry and Facial Aesthetics.

Our specialized team along with scientific collaborators, academic affiliates and members from all around the world has created an international network with strong bonds that envisages to encourage lifelong education of high quality, as well as to promote research and development. WAGroFSCD devotes considerable time to a variety of educational activities that contribute to the diffusion of scientific knowledge to groups of dentists or other dental specialists, but also to non-scientists.

With the view of strengthening scientific interactions, broadening our knowledge and supporting the dissemination of research findings in the scientific community and the public sector, in 2016, we organized our first International Congress in Athens, Greece with highly esteemed guests and speakers from all over the world. The considerable success, this Congress received, has prompted us to continue our efforts and become stronger. Through the last years, our collaborations were expanded in more than 37 countries including Italy, United Kingdom, Cyprus, Germany, Holland, Albania, Kosovo, Ukraine, Egypt, Sudan, Morocco, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Korea, USA, Brazil, Kuwait, Bahrein, and Kurdistan.

With priority in the human’s values and moto ‘’Where others say we cannot, we say that we will find the way’’, we remain aware of the social problems and we are trying to offer our support, with great responsibility, even at the most distant places.

WAGRO-Dentistry encourages innovation and provides a high quality medical education to equip dentists and dental specialists with expertise that is certain to contribute to a deeper understanding of dental issues and research breakthroughs in the field of Advanced Dentistry, always promoting patients health care.