WAGro Organization has brought top quality Dental & Medical Education by connecting WAGro University with UCAM University (University Catolica San Antonio de Murcia) and Bari University of Aldo Moro. We offer Masters & Specialties in all aspects of Dentistry including Implantology, Endodontics and Orthodontics, plus various Diplomas in Medicine. Vital part of our education program is our clinical training on live patients.

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About Us

WAGroFSCD was founded in 2015 in Greece as a nonprofit organization aiming to raise awareness on dental and medical procedures based on the use of growth factors and stem cells.

Our specialized team along with scientific collaborators, academic affiliates and members from all around the world has created an international network with strong bonds that envisages to encourage lifelong education of high quality, as well as promoting research and development. We organized our first International Congress in Athens, Greece with world known speakers from all over the world. The considerable success, this Congress received, has prompted us to continue our efforts and as a result through the past few years, our collaborations were expanded in more than 13 countries and 3 continents.  With human’s values as our basic priority and moto ‘’Where others say we cannot, we will find the way’’. We remain aware of the social problems and we are trying to offer our support, with great responsibility, even at the most distant places. Our most fierce weapon… Education and knowledge.


We are resposible for organising congresses all around the world. Our first congress took place in Athens in 2016 with world-known speakers and the second India in a once in a lifetime experience in Loni while collaborating with the local university. Thousands of colleagues attended both congresses and converted our congress into a modern thintank on various fields of dentistry and medicine.

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Wagro organisation has pushed through the barriers of modern science of Dentistry and Medicine by collaborating and publishing research material and articles in established scientific journals. For a method to be accepted and used first it must published so that all aspects are debated.

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Wagro organisation was formed with the idea that top class scientists of Dental and Medical field can collaborate into producing top methods, techniques and ideas. The community gradually expanded into a world class fraternity of Doctors. We always welcome new members who are interested in learning and collaborating on all medical fields.

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